Anclote Village Marina

Boating Excursions

Sherbet-dipped sunsets. Sand-waddling turtles. A coastline flush with palm trees and the wondrous coves of local islands on the horizon.

Any of these spectacles can be experienced from the five local destinations below. From outdoor activities to sunbathing to fishing, choose your destination and take off from Anclote Village Marina for your next adventure.

1. Three Rooker Bar

One of several bird sanctuaries in the area, Three Rooker Bar is a small, natural island where you’ll find soft sand and plenty of shells. It’s a wonderful spot for a picnic lunch. Novice boaters will find that it’s relatively easy to find anchorage at Three Rooker Bar, making it a great spot if you’re a bit less experienced boater.

2. Caladesi Island State Park

Rated America’s Best Beach in 2008, Caladesi Island is renowned for its powdery sand and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for an invigorating swim, saltwater angling, or a nature hike, you’ll find it here. Caladesi Island is, according to Florida State Parks, “one of the few untouched islands along the Gulf Coast.”

3. Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island has four miles of beach to explore with a three-mile trail through one of the last virgin slash pine forests. The name aptly evokes the seclusion and natural beauty of the island. Visitors to Honeymoon Island will find plenty of beautiful shells, along with excellent fishing and hiking.

4. Fred Howard Park

This family-friendly destination is a Pinellas County park. A great spot for sunbathing, dolphin spotting, and fishing, Fred Howard Park has two playgrounds and a lifeguard on duty.

5. North Anclote Key

Venture to North Anclote Key for a slice of natural Florida at its finest. This island is a bird sanctuary where you’ll find a wide variety of shells, flora, and fauna. Anchor here to enjoy the beach, take a stroll, or fish from the shore.

Questions about the best spot for your boating trip?

Just ask our knowledgeable Anclote Village staff! We’re happy to offer suggestions and guidance